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Idaho Online Driving School is the online school we work with for the classroom portion of this class. This is an Idaho-based class that is regularly updated to include the latest laws and driving information pertinent to Idaho students.  Mr. Brian Johns is the instructor that heads the online class.  He is a former director of Idaho Drivers Education and Traffic Safety Commissioner.  Mr Brian will be the contact point for all questions related to the Idaho Online Drivers Education Class. 

To Enroll in an online class:

1. Enroll for Drivers R US Online Class by going to the classes tab and signing up for an upcoming class. 

2. Once you have obtained your permit, email us at or call or text us at 208-613-5692. Your student will then receive the welcome email from Idaho Online Drivers Education to start the online class. 

3. Enroll for Schedule 2 Drive to schedule drive time.  The link is

Schedule 2 Drive is the awesome schedule platform that we use to schedule drives. Drivers R Us puts out the days and times we are available to do drives and students and their partners can schedule for the day and time that works for them. This allows the drives to be flexible and for parents and students to have control over when the drives are. Schedule 2 Drives also has the evaluation forms that our instructors fill out after your students drive so you can see how they are doing and what they need to work on. 

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