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Your Driver’s License

Is Just A Click Away!

Welcome to
Drivers R Us!!

We have been serving Jerome, Filer, Buhl, Kimberly, Twin Falls, Burley, Jerome, ID, and surrounding areas since 2019. We are dedicated to teaching students how to be responsible and safe drivers. We offer a self-paced course and a flexible course. What does this mean? This means that the online class can be done anytime and from anywhere. There are no scheduled Zoom calls or video lessons. There are no deadlines for finishing the course. The fastest you can finish the course is 4-6 weeks. Students do 8 to 10 hours of class time between drives. The driving schedule is flexible and students will work with a partner to schedule drives on the days and times that they are free. We offer a flexible and efficient driver's education program.  

How the class works:

  • Make sure your student is 14.5 years of age

  • Sign up for one of our upcoming classes by going to the classes tab

  • Get your student's permit and notify us. Then Idaho Online Drivers Education can send the welcome email to you. 

  • Your student will do a minimum of 30 hours of online classwork

  • There will be 4 drives that are each 3 hours long once a week. These drives will be scheduled with their driving partner.  They will complete 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation. We drive with 2 students and an instructor in the vehicle. 

  • Students will do 8- 10 hours of classwork between each drive. They will pass a final exam given by Idaho Online Drivers Education before their final drive.

  • Buddy Discount: If your student and a buddy sign up together you will both receive $25 off and will be paired to drive together.

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